Monday, November 28, 2011

gsutil - Grandstream VoIP backup and provisioning

There is a nice tool to perform the backup and restore (or provisioning) for the Grandstream VoIP equipments - it is called gsutil (currently offline - the cached page is here) and the current version is 3.1

Working with Grandstream phones and analog gateways at Modulo Consulting I have modified the main script and submited the changes as version 3.2

Unfortunately the maintainer (Charles Howes) seams to be very busy with other projects and this is why I have decided to publish here what I have sent to him almost 2 months ago.

Below is the extract from the Changelog - on short gsutil supports now the analog gateways GXW400x (FXS) and GXW410x (FXO).

3.2 Changes from Ioan Indreias to support analog gateways GXW400X(FXS) and GXW410X(FXO), as well as GXV3000 video phone
The process of reading the configuration pages have been changed in order to parse all pages mentioned in the home page.
The session_id parsing from cookies have been changed - right now we are using the entire received cookie instead of using only the session_id.
Known issues:
  1) GXW4024 was not yet tested
  2) There is a Grandstrea bug in parameter notation:
      P292 = no_key_entry_timeout_2 (GXW400X - Profile 2)
      P292 = enable_video_1 (GXV3000 - Account 1)

The archive with the new tool, updated change log and examples for GXW4008, GXW4108 and GXV3000 could be downloaded from here here.

Any comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Update #1: changed location for the archive

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┼×erban said...

Thank you for your effort!

I did a backup of our GXW 4108.

I will have to perform a factory reset these days and your tool looks very promising.

I should backup the config using -do flag if i want to restore it, right?

Thank you.